Concept art that was used for the book cover of BCS 50

A Cooper Pair, or BCS Pair, is a pair of electrons bound together at low temperatures that are responsible for superconductivity. Its discoverer, Leon Cooper, described the pairs of electrons as constantly “dancing” around each other no matter how far apart they maybe separated. I tried to focus on this imagery, taking into consideration of the spin and circular paths traveled by the electrons. The vision was to communicate the buzzing energy and blinding speed that characterizes the particle interactions within this phenomenon.


The final design evolved from a combination of the earlier two designs (all three versions shown above from left to right). The visual presentation is meant to symbolizes the cosmos in both micro and macro scale. The bright colored spheres with shifting hue exist in this universe freely both as stars and as high energy particles. Some of them, as if suddenly burst into motion, disappear into sharp streaks of color.

Early Sketches and Experiments