The Red Road

A series of shorts in alluring visuals based on well-know Native American tales. Commissioned by Sundance Channel to tease their upcoming drama of the same name.


Animator, Designer




Sundance asked us to create a series of animations to tease their scripted drama, The Red Road. To create each film, we loosely interpreted the various well-know Native American tales that each episode was based on. The result is our fun, yet dark take on these classic tales.

1: Arise my love, shake off this dream

2. The Wolf and the Dog

3. The woman who fell from the sky

4. Bad weapons

5. The great snake battle

6. Snaring the sun

Making of

The series indulges in six dramatically different styles of illustration and motion design. It was one of the most rewarding challenges I’ve encountered.



Creative Directors: Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis Executive Producer: Michael Neithardt Animation: Shixie, Cyrus Cummings, Raymo Ventura, Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis Design: Stefanie Augustine, Kathryn MacNaughton, Jesse Tise, Shixie Music & Sound: Larissa Maestro, Raymo Ventura